Hollow out bottom holding tray

Holding tray for pots, made with light, durable and flexible plastic. Hollow out bottom is designed to prevent overwatering and root-rot, perfect for succulent beginners and growers in humid areas, such as our hotlanta!

Available in two sizes:

-24 cell tray:

  • Overall size: 13" (width) x 19.25" (length) x 3" (depth)
  • Cell size:  3" (top opening)  3" (top opening) x 3" (depth)
  • Suitable for: EXTRAdura small and medium, Wanxiang square small, Wanxiang round small, Chubby Wanxiang round medium


-20 cell tray:

  • Overall size: 15" (width) x 18.5" (length) x 3.5" (depth)
  • Cell size:  3.5" (top opening)  3.5" (top opening) x 3.5" (depth)
  • Suitable for: EXTRAdura large, Wanxiang square medium, Wanxiang round medium, Chubby Wanxiang round large, Nursery seedling pots 2.75"



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