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Versatile seed starter tray

Versatile seed starter tray

Measure length 17", width 13", height without dome 3.5', height with dome 6.5". It comes with 3-piece: the dome, sieved board, and tray. 

This is most durable seed starter tray. Not one of those with soft plastics that your cat can break or knock over (with 2 cats at home, I understand how risky it could be to keep planted seeds/seedlings sometimes).

Plastic dome with ventilation creates the greenhouse effect and locks in moisture and maintains temperature for seedlings. Sieved board holds soils or culture medium of your choice while protects the root system from rot. The tray can be used to support individual seedling pots. This is an ideal system for sowing and culturing your Haworthia, Conophytum, Lithops, Hoyas... you just name it!

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